Hi Everyone,

I started QueenBridal because I know the pains of wanting to own THE most beautiful wedding gown/evening gown, and yet having to calculate the pennies in the bank. 

Rental of gowns in Singapore is expensive, and I wouldn't get to keep them.  Further, I wanted to do my wedding photoshoot overseas, so I needed my own gowns that I could bring along for an unlimited period of time. 

Fine tailoring and high-grade fabrics in Singapore do not come cheap.  Ordering from the factories and seamstresses in China seemed affordable, but I had seen their quality before, which left much to be desired.  Therefore, it was not a true alternative.

Hence, my quest for elegant yet affordable gowns began...

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    I love shopping for bargain buys -  beautiful dresses, jewellery and bags .  And I love to travel, which gives me even greater opportunity to shop!

    Tip of Day

    Quality Fabric is the key:      A simple gown made from quality fabric will look like a million dollars.  An exquisite design sewn out of cheap cloth will still look tacky.


    February 2009



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